Equine Assisted Therapy Insurance

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Insurance

Equine Assisted Learning Insurance

AmRisk’s Equine Assisted Therapy Insurance and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Insurance Programs are designed to meet the unique insurance needs of your Equine Assisted Mental Health & Wellness Program.  Written through an A+ rated insurance company this comprehensive package offers both flexibility and broad protection including optional  professional liability coverage at extremely competitive prices.

A major major new enhancement to our Equine Therapy Insurance Programs including a professional liability option.  As the  Equine Assisted Therapy Insurance (EAT) industry leader, we have significantly expanded the scope of coverage in our equine therapy policy.  In addition to Comprehensive Equine Liability we can now offer  professional liability coverage for all of your equine  operations. 

Program Highlights

  • A rated national insurance company
  • Liability coverage throughout the United States & Canada
  • Employees, Volunteers & Premises Owners named additional insured
  • Clinics, Shows & Special Events included
  • Personal Injury & Advertising Liability Included
  • Can be written with a Commercial Equine Package
  • Care, Custody & Control coverage for non-owned horses
  • Equine Professional Liability Option
  • Accident & Disability Coverage for volunteers
  • Credit for professional certifications
  • Human Services Professional Liability Coverage   
  • Volunteer Accident Medical Insurance

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