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 Riding Club Insurance designed to cover all property and liability exposures including member activities and public events  

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Insuring Equestrian Clubs & Associations Since 1971

AmRisk Insurance offers broad coverage specifically designed for horse clubs and their members.

Premium credits are available if you are a member of an accredited professional association.

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Riding Club Programs

We have designed policies for every type of equestrian club and association.  For as little as $500 per year our $1,000,000 liability policy will cover your riding club and it’s members if a law suit arises from an insured club activity

A riding club or association is any group that is formed to pursue common equestrian related interests.  Riding clubs form the core of most organized equestrian activity in the United States. They allow riders with similar interests to meet, network and participate in organized activities.  A riding club can be a small group of friends meeting regularly for organized activities or an association with thousands of members. 

For as little as $500 per year, our $1,000,000 liability policy will cover all club members if a law suit arises from an insured club activity.  Liability coverage is provided for all declared equestrian club activities including special events and owned or leased premises.   Boarding, riding instruction, clinics and public special events can be added by endorsement.  A comprehensive package policy is also available for clubs that own buildings, personal property or automobiles.  

Liability premium credits are available if you are a member of an accredited association.  Additional credits are also available for Clubs with a good loss history and safety plan. 
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The AmRisk Advantage

In today’s difficult economy and  highly competitive business environment you need every advantage to succeed.  That’s especially true when it comes to selecting your insurance provider and program.  Since AmRisk’s superior line of  insurance policies are uniquely  designed for your specialty industry you will  get very broad coverage at a highly competitive price.  This gives you the protection you need and the cost savings you demand.  As a national insurance broker we work directly with many of the major insurance companies in the United States.  Contact us today for a no obligation policy review and quote.

A Leader In The Equine Insurance Industry

The AmRisk Equine Services Insurance Program offers some of the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive coverage available to the  equine business owner at a competitive preferred price.

We believe that creative risk management is the key to affordable insurance planning.  With a flexible and fresh look at your particular situation, we often see where a simple change can significantly lower or even eliminate a risk and your premium.

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