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AFA Farrier’s Insurance Program

Our Farrier Insurance Program has been endorsed by the American Farrier’s Association and the American Equestrian Alliance.  It has been designed to respond to all of your professional farrier insurance needs in one policy.  This policy will cover all of your property, liability and care custody & control exposures in one package.  The policy can be customized to include complete farm and ranch coverage including boarding, breeding and training exposures.  

Legal cases and lawsuits are more prevalent as technology, and information increases to identify the cause of laminitis, lameness, improper hoof angles and/or using pads improperly, more horse owners are likely to point the finger at the farrier when things go wrong. This custom plan gives you the ability to buy broad property and  liability coverage at preferred rates.  The Farrier Insurance Policy guarantees better service and more coverage for the insurance dollar than any other program. 

Coverage Information

The Farrier Commercial Property and Liability Insurance policy pays the damages for liability imposed upon you or your business by the law. It also pays the cost of defending you when a claim is made against your policy.  Our Commercial Equine Insurance Programs offers some of the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive coverage available to the  equine business owner at a competitive preferred price.

Care, Custody & Control/Legal Liability provides coverage arising from applicant’s negligence resulting in injury to or death of horses applicant does not own in the applicant’s care, custody and control as a result of the applicant’s negligence as a Farrier. Coverage includes cost to defend any suit alleging injury or death. This cannot be restricted by contractual or hold harmless agreements. Settlements are based on actual cash value at time of loss. Please read wording in policy coverage form.

Equipment coverage provides protection for loss or damage to your equipment and inventory of horse shoes, tools and supplies that are used in connection with your farrier practice.


Preferred Farrier Insurance Policy Highlights

  • Primary General liability limits – $1,000,000 per Occurrence / 2,000,000 Aggregate

  • Excess Liability coverage available to $4,000,000

  • Equine Care, Custody & Control – Limits available to $250,000

  • Expanded Coverage Available  e.g. Farm Package, Boarding, Breeding, Training, Riding Insruction

  • Farrier Equipment – All Risk Coverage – Property coverage for equipment & supplies on and off premise

  • Coverage Territory: 24/7 in the United States, US Territories & Canada

  • Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement available

  • Preferred Rates – Minimum premium: $500

  • Installment plans available

Industry Endorsements



American Farrier’s Association         


This program has been endorsed by the American Farrier’s Association for it’s membership. A liability credit is available if you are a member of the American Farrier’s Association.  The AFA exists to further the professional development of farriers, to provide leadership and resources for the benefit.

American Equestrian Alliance

This program has been endorsed by the American Equestrian Alliance, a national, not-for-profit association of horsemen, equine professionals, equines businesses and organizations.

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