Participant & Volunteer Accident Insurance

Participant Accident insurance policies are highly customizable and can be designed to meet the unique needs of any client.

Our participant accident insurance plans cover any accidental injury or death resulting from activities:

  • that your group has scheduled, sponsored, or supervised
  • that occurs on premises owned, leased, or borrowed by your group
  • that happen during travel scheduled, sponsored, or supervised by your group
  • Coverage may be extended to administrators, staff, and supervisors of covered activities or events.
  • It applies regardless of who is at fault for an accident.
  • It is used to complement General Liability policies, which frequently do not pay medical expenses or have limited benefits that are not sufficient to cover a large out of pocket medical expense.
  • Policies are broad, affordable and easy to place

What is Participant & Volunteer Accident Insurance?

Accident Insurance covers injury or death resulting from an accident which occurs directly from: activities that are scheduled, sponsored or supervised by the policyholder; premises owned, leased or borrowed by the policyholder; travel scheduled, sponsored or supervised by the policyholder.  Accident insurance also Pays for medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident that takes place during a sponsored event or activity or while traveling to or from an event or activity. Covered expenses can include deductibles, transportation costs, co-payments, and other relevant out of pocket charges that result from an accident on either a primary or excess basis.

A wide variety of organizations and groups need for Participant Accident insurance

• Amateur Sports Camps
• Colleges & Universities
• Community & Civic Organizations
• Equestrian Businesses & Organizations
• Film Cast & Crew
• Public & Private Pre-K-12 Schools
• Motorsports
• Municipalities
• Religious Organizations
• Not for Profit Organizations
• Sports Organizations or Associations
• Study Abroad Groups
• Non-Profit Volunteers

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