Guided Trail Ride Insurance

AmRisk Insurance offers insurance coverage designed for outfitters & guided trail rides

AmRisk is the nationally  recognized insurance leader for guided trail rides, outfitters, trail guides and dude ranches.    Our underwriting specialists have created innovative and comprehensive insurance programs in use by hundreds of commercial equine operations throughout the United States.

In recent years, the number of  insurance companies offering affordable high quality coverage to commercial recreational facilities has been reduced to a mere handful.  Many factors have contributed to these difficult market conditions but the most obvious is the huge losses experienced by insurers no longer in the marketplace.  The current permissive legal environment, poor management practices, inexperienced underwriters, ineffective safety guidelines and undercapitalized insurers are responsible for the current hard market.

You know the risks in your business and so does AmRisk !

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What can insurance for outfitters and guided trail ride operations cover?

AmRisk provides affordable insurance coverage options specifically designed for Outfitters & Guided Trail Ride stables.

Coverage highlights

  • Liability limits to $1 million are available for bodily injury and property damage
  • General liability aggregate limits are two times the liability per occurrence limit
  • Commercial General Liability coverage applies on and off premises in the U.S. and U.S. territories
  • Fire Legal liability up to $100,000 at no charge (in most states)
  • Medical payments up to $5,000
  • Personal and advertising Injury included
  • Products/completed operations included
  • Defense cost paid in excess of policy limit
  • Participants coverage included
  • Care, custody, and control – a “must” if you care for someone else’s horse
  • Excess liability available (with limits up to $10 million)

AmRisk has partnered with the American Equestrian Alliance safety group which was established in 1989 to promote equestrian activities, support equine legislation, distribute educational literature and operate as an insurance safety group for it’s membership.  AEA sponsored insurance programs have consistently offered the highest quality coverage at affordable rates due to our history of safety and profitability with insurance companies.


AEA insurance programs, safety guidelines and membership criteria are established by it’s members… not insurance companies.  Our programs have succeeded where so many others have failed because they represent reasonable industry standards.  As a member of the American Equestrian Alliance you agree to adhere to common safety guidelines and use proven releases drafted by AEA lawyers.  Your reward is a stable, affordable insurance program underwritten by the leading equine insurance providers in the United States.