Who We Are

AmRisk Insurance Group is a national, multi-line brokerage group with facilities that span the standard, surplus and specialty marketplace. We market and underwrite specialty programs with  both regional and national insurance companies. Our integrated approach to financial products and services means greater management efficiency and lower operating costs for our clients. Unparalleled service and technical expertise make the difference. Our greatest strength lies in the quality and experience of our people and our ability to respond quickly to your needs.

AmRisk Insurance was originally established in 1971. Our corporate goal was to design and market new and innovative insurance and risk management programs. As our customer needs evolved the company expanded it’s scope of operations to include business financial consulting and human resource administration. Knowledge, speed and service are the cornerstones of our success.

AmRisk organizes it’s resources around the needs of our clients. We maintain our market focus by working with expert industry underwriters and individual risk consulting.   We have become an industry leader by working with specialists who create state of the art insurance and human resource programs. Once a program has been adopted, it’s results are continuously monitored, evaluated and modified to meet changing market conditions.

AmRisk Insurance Group has developed a reputation for creating innovative and cost effective risk management programs for specific business niches such as entertainment, recreation, equestrian and agribusiness. We deliver value by working in direct partnership with clients and our companies. This team approach reinforces our commitment to focus on quality, innovation and profitability.

Risk Management is something every business needs to do, yet many business owners avoid doing it.  Did you know that insurance is only one of six risk management techniques? The other five alternatives can cost little or nothing potentially saving you thousands of dollars.  Maybe you know your business needs to be involved in it’s insurance and risk management process, but you have no idea where to begin. Maybe you have some risk management plans in mind, but need help implementing them. Maybe you’re ready to conduct a full-scale analysis of your insurance program and want a real pro on your side.

Whatever the project and whatever the goal, you have more than your share of potential insurance providers to choose from. Hundreds of agents, brokers, consultants, risk managers  – and more – are just waiting for the chance to expound upon your need for their services. You have neither the time nor the inclination to sift through all the possibilities in search of the perfect fit.

So what does the typical business owner do? Ask colleagues for a referral? Call in a few potential partners to discuss your needs? Maybe take a complete shot in the dark at finding someone to work with?  If this scenario sounds all too familiar and you’re ready to find the perfect fit for your insurance needs, talk to us about our Virtual Risk Manager (VRM) program. With VRM, we work with you to develop an insurance and risk management program that fit your needs – and your budget.

Once your program is in place, we keep working with you to ensure that the processes we’ve installed are up, running and successful. In short, we become an integral part of your management team.  With VRM, you get the expertise of senior-level executives who can assist with all aspects of your insurance and risk management needs.